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The Next Generation in Workstation Ergonomic Analysis

ErgoChek is a revolutionary, multifaceted array of analysis and education tools for the workstation ergonomic professional. This one of a kind program makes it simple to detect and correct problems in the workplace that would otherwise lead to decreased productivity and repetitive stress injuries.

Posture Check: Key Aspects

  • Capture color pictures of the actual examinee at the workstation.
  • Capture images with a webcam or digital camera.
  • Perform ergonomic analysis.
  • Obtain exact workstation and examinee measurements with lateral and posterior anthropometric capabilities.
  • Analyze the workstation in real-time and print reports instantly.
  • Analysis is done in accordance with OSHA recommendations.
  • Recommendations that specifically state what adjustments need to be made to remedy a workstation deficit.
  • 3D skeletal renderings depict examinees possible skeletal structure as a result of the examinee's actual workstation setup.
  • Solution buttons give specific recommendations for that individual workstation.

Ergonomic Testing: Key Aspects

  • Deliver a powerful test that addresses overall concerns in the individual workstation.
  • Store individual and company wide test results.
  • Automatic solution recommended to problems in the individual workstation.
  • 3D bar graphs and pie charts depict company-wide test results, prioritizing company concerns and what steps need to be taken to bring the office into compliance.

Office Exercises: Key Aspects

  • Tailor and personalize an in office exercise program for the individual examinee.
  • Printouts include a 2D human character demonstrating how to perform the specific exercise.
  • Witten instructions on how to perform the exercises.
  • All exercises are OSHA recommended.





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